Friday, 22 February 2019

The Pottering Artist Welcomes You

Welcome to The Pottering Artist blog - sharing my gentle forays into drawing, painting and life with you fellow potterer.

Join me as I refill my creative well. 

We will advance slowly, increasing awareness, developing perception, gathering art skills, deepening artistic vision and pottering along the way. For those who value stillness, silence and slowness as an antidote to activity, silence and speed.
Here you will find related articles about all things pottering. It is a spill-over from the magazine which you can buy in the links below.
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Would you therefore like to scribble the following details down in your diaries? 

Issue 1 "Delight" 1st February 2019 Issue 4 "Chimerical" 1st August 2019
Issue 2 "Gaze" 1st April 2019                         Issue 5 "Beckoning" 1st October 2019
Issue 3 "Rooted" 1st June 2019 Issue 6 " Snug" 1st December 2019


...and so to my first post...

On a warm spring-like day in Abergavenny yesterday I spent some time browsing the lovely art shops including Ryman's where I was seduced by a yellow-pistachio coloured Moleskin notebook...

...then other yellow paper called to me and I bought an A4 yellow ruled book for my daily notes on all things pottering. Soon I had to have rainbow tissue paper and inkjet card - all for art and business purposes you understand.

I genuinely had to find a way of signing my original watercolours mind you as I had recently lost my old inkpen. So into the Art Shop on Cross street I trundled. 

DIPPING PENSIts dark and cool depths contrasting with the sunny heat outside. Enveloped in its narrow and ancient space I was immersed by art supplies of all kinds - beautifully stacked papers, pens and paints displayed creatively and tempting to any artist. I enquired about dipping pens and was kindly helped to find a suitable nib and pen. The nib - pictured below - is actually a hand with a pointy finger! What a novelty. I also bought a standard ballpoint nib as a back-up but the little kid in me hoped that I would never need to use it - much preferring the eccentric character of the first one. The pen itself was a lovely lacquered pale wood.

Following on from the first issue of The Pottering Artist I had several readers saying how sweet they felt the rat artwork was. I had featured several rat-themed images as related to my various articles and so now I present them to you as handmade, archival and eco-friendly cards.

There are 3 in a pack with white envelopes. They would make lovely missives for many occasions and the recipient could frame them as the inks used remain vibrant for decades.

You can choose to buy as a UK resident or as an OVERSEAS shopper and the price you see in the Paypal button below will include both your cards and shipping. Enjoy!

The Pottering Artist Issue 1 "Ratty" handmade greetings cards



handmade by me
3 different designs in a pack as shown above
archival Epson ink and paper
eco-friendly cardstock and envelopes
blank for your own message
humorous and whimsical for young and old
Set of 3 whimsical rat art cards - click the Buy Now button to make them yours

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Are you currently being swayed by a particular colour? If so why not paint a page full of it or write with it for a while. How about a scarf in just that hue? Giving in to artistic cues is a good way to know your preferences in art and life.
Is there a novel pen or drawing tool you would like to employ to write or draw with for a change? It's a small price to pay for some fun pottering indulgence...

As I do not have access to you, my lovely readers, I cannot contact you when my issues come out. 

Then when you go onto and search for The Pottering Artist you will see my latest issue pop up. The Pottering Artist will be available as follows:-

Issue 1 "Delight" 1st February 2019 Issue 4 "Chimerical" 1st August 2019
Issue 2 "Gaze" 1st April 2019                         Issue 5 "Beckoning" 1st October 2019
Issue 3 "Rooted" 1st June 2019 Issue 6 " Snug" 1st December 2019

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