Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Dips & Drips - dribbly gypsy drawing

Using my new artisan nibs and dipping pen tool from The Art Shop & Chapel in Abergavenny (picture below)

I spent a happy 30 minutes doodling and drawing badly this gypsy face.

I enjoyed the erratic line produced between my inept application (still trying to get the hang of it) and the medium of Sennelier drawing ink itself.

It's a gorgeous imperfection though when a blob emerges instead of a line and the line things just when you need strength - it affords a lost and found look that I love. Those blobs dry to a lovely shiny finish and are oily in appearance.
After this spell of drawing I decided that I'd like to be able to use different width nibs without having to stop, wash and change nibs each time. So stupidly I went online to 

in order to get some nibs. 

I should have known this wouldn't end well from my purse's point of view!
Gypsy and horse - an imaginary drawing

That's not where it ended of course...I started with happily popping 3 nibs at about 90p into my trolley and was about to head off to checkout when again I made another bad decision and decided to take the virtual gallery tour - it looked so pretty and colourful you see - more like an apothecary than an art shop. This is a shop that has every last thing in art including exotic rarities from the 4 corners of the world.

I won't spoil your fun but please explore yourself and imagine the smells of musty antique drawers and cupboards bedecked with exquisite materials and equipment of every stripe.
 Tour Inside!

It is an Aladdin's cave of art treats and so in under 10 minutes my £2.50 bill for nibs had grown somewhat to now just under £40 and included other opaque drawing inks, extra dipping tool handles and many more unusual nibs.

I finally managed to tear myself away before I broke the bank.

When my goodies arrive never fear I shall spread them all out before you in a glorious display. A display to encourage you to take up your pens and ink and dip and drip and dribble away.

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