Thursday, 21 March 2019

Writing & Drawing with Inks

Just lately I have become interested in using dipping pens. Mostly because I was recently asked to do a drawing demo and so I chose inks rather than pencils.
Whilst preparing for the demo I tried out what inks and nibs I had and realised that I would need some more pens into which I could insert nibs as well as some extra nibs.
So I went on to Cornelissen's website and was spoilt for choice.
I selected a few different nibs which are not very expensive (under £3 each) and some funky opaque acrylic inks in white and a vivid green yellow. I seem to have a taste for that colour lately as it's the same colour as my brand new Moleskine.
So here are the nibs and pen bodies and they all write and draw beautifully.
I also bought a few reservoir triangles (do you remember these from school days?) to help hold more ink.
Finally I bought a flat nibbed automatic pen which gives strong, even and broad strokes.
I will enjoy picking these pens up when I want to write in my Moleskine of an evening or to write a thank you card to a buyer on my Etsy shop.

I had a bit of a play pasting coloured tissue paper over my dried ink writing and love the effect.
The header on the Cornelissen invoice is so gorgeous you don't mind the amount at the bottom!
It is a work of art itself with all the medallions and stamps imprinted on it.

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