Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Drawing Practice - Frogs - So Bad They're Good!

THINK LIKE AN ARTIST (and turn your phone off) - I like to show my bad drawings as well as my good ones so that people know that there are ugly duckling phases and not so brilliant creations on your artistic path. This post about frog images will also show you how I think in my drawing process.

Getting more used to having the mind of an artist is not some elite and unattainable ideal. It starts right this moment by simply caring enough about your subject to give it your FULL attention and a kind gaze. By doing that without thinking about anything else (I do hope your mobile is switched off when you draw?) you will allow your subject to be in its fullest presence in your eyes and mind. Then you can really feel you are seeing it and not just LOOKING at it! Know what I mean?

Being a mindful and attentive observer is good. Below I am practising how to draw a jumping frog by repeating the leg and body shapes over and over...

Letting it all HOP out - pencil sketches - warts an' all:)
Once I had spent at least 5-10 minutes looking at and considering my subject I allowed myself to do very quick and immediate sketches to get the feel of the frog.

I used a bit of pen and ink and when that wasn't working (because I was moving too fast) I switched to a lovely Technalo pencil - made by Caran'D'Ache it is water-soluble but I wasn't using it because of that - it's because it has a velvety line.

You will create more meaningful art if you make a note of how you respond emotionally to your tools and your subject. Life is too short to not use what you like and to not paint what you like. Start keeping a personal artistic preference journal now. Your reality is unique to you and from it will come forth your unique vision.

So here are some images which I enjoyed as they helped me to observe and think about my frogs. How I see the frogs will be different from anybody else and by looking slowly and deeply I sense what interests me or not. This can be a flag to show you the way you want to go in your art. Do you feel you want more detailed realism or much less? Do you want actual colours of fictional ones. Do you want a funny frog or a natural one?

I am planning to re-create the cover of The Frog Prince and so wanted to warm-up and get a handle on how to draw frogs.

Now that I have got that out of my system I am ready to do more measured and slower drawings and even better - I am armed with a better understanding of their anatomy too.

What subject would you allow yourself to get acquainted with if you didn't have to draw it perfectly at first? Comments below please :)
This will help open your mind to creativity as all creativity is born in stillness and silence first...

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