Sunday, 21 April 2019

Pencil Sketch Drawings - Unfinished Business

For some reason I left this pencil sketch drawing unfinished in my sketchbook years ago - I find it today rather lovely and wondered what you think about unfinished drawings

There is something poetic to me about an unfinished pencil sketch drawing. Do they do anything for you?

Lately I have encountered many different types of sketching - from hard realism to blind contour drawing...each one has it's appeal - some deeper than others. I am one who loves to see the journey of a sensitive line that has intermittent pressure and release - you can almost feel the artist's breathing as you eye the drawing.

You can also add to a sketch's meaning by leaving something out...for example in the portrait of my sister below I left out the hair completely although she had a riot of cascading brown curly hair. Why? Well - I felt she was complete as a portrait without it - he strong personality carried in the features alone - I felt. Do you agree?

Doing different drawings of the same subject is a good way to find your voice as an artist - all the great masters did why not us?

Here is a pencil sketch (unfinished) of Two Hatchet and then underneath is a painting of him in soft pastel.

Here are a few sketch drawing ideas for faces - again - all unfinished. I think it helps develop artistic eye-muscle to make many starts rather than flog one idea to death. It gives you momentum and energy to restart anew...

I love indian drawings and native american art as these people are an eternal source of interest for me. How they lived in harmony with nature and how they trod lightly on the earth. For those reasons I have huge respect and sympathy for them. As a result when I draw them I feel I want to draw every detail and emotion as authentically as I can - paying particular attention to their eyes.

No Talq - pencil sketch

india ink and white gouache
 This was a native american girl drawing done in a different medium - this time india ink and white gouache - I liked the milky look it gave...

Would you like to share some of your unfinished pencil sketch drawings? If so send them to me at I would love to see how you draw and if you like I can share them on this blog on my Readers Works page.
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  1. I like the unfinished drawings as well. Perhaps it's symbolic of what lies beneath a person's exterior - we have to spend a little more time looking at it and perhaps pondering what this person is like - their dreams, their fears, etc. I agree fully with your comments regarding the natives and their reverence for Mother Nature. I think my favourite native drawing is the final one - something about that face makes me wonder what sorrow this person experienced.

  2. Hi Mary - thanks for your comment and I like your thoughts on how they make you feel. If a face can evoke any deeper introspection that is encouraging to hear. Do you draw and paint? Alison