Friday, 26 April 2019

Stop Wanting

Stop wanting and just remember to be. How often do we do that? Feel that our present selves and reality are enough?

How to be happy with what you have in life involves being grateful for a start and then becoming aware of your needs. Are they genuine? Or are they generated from outside yourself by society and the media?

Why are we always wanting more. I am trying to do without in areas of my life. I share a car with my mother and share a house with my parents. This occurred due to a serious illness I had but I am happy with it now that I am better. I had a whole house to myself before and see it as ridiculously extravagant now!

It is hard to know what you really need when the advertising and marketing juggernaut assaults our senses 24/7. I think it has taken our ability to improvise away.

But you are there - somewhere deep inside - the real you with your genuine needs. They may be very different from what we are encouraged to think we need. To feel always well within means you are OK in your own skin and are not blown around by external forces.

The sad thing is this media onslaught has been going for decades now and we really know nothing else. The whole world economy is based on a big percentage of false needs. Needs that are generated by companies but which are costing the earth.

The fact is that we cannot just keep having exactly what we want when we want it because the planet and its animals are suffering.

So it is a real pioneer who can buck the trends and be comfy with not following the crowds.

I ask myself what are my honest needs. Food, shelter, sufficient money to get those 2 things, love, safety and some daily interest...these are my basics. Not buying anything is hard when you have been encouraged to buy all your life. Very rarely do marketers encourage us to fall back on our own devices and think of solutions or to improvise and make do with what you got.

To be happy strip back your needs and know that you are enough. Be unknown and don't worry about having a following on social media. I'm finding it very hard and soulless to do this branding thing ...Just do what you do and be natural.

I think I am going to forget about striving to be an illustrator and all the stress and grasping that that will entail. Instead I am just going to produce illustrations that please me out of my head and offer them for sale as prints. I need to slow down and think what is important.

I am just going to illustrate my loves and dreams and hunches regardless whilst treading as lightly on the earth as I can.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mary - things just occur to me and I put them down. I am not a philosopher nor do I have grand sweeping answers - just inner prompts and questions...

  2. Beautiful - the art, and the words. It feels good to let go of all the hype and fear promoted by the marketing industry (and our own governments).

    A "modern" economy, like in Canada, is based on up to 70% private consumption. If we all stopped buying things we don't need, our economies would collapse. It is insane if you stop and think about it.

    It can't go on forever, and it is becoming obvious that we are nearing the end. But it is not too late to start a simple, beautiful life, away from the struggles of consumerism. Your example will help others do the same. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Gregg. I totally agree with you - economic collapse would surely follow if we suddenly stopped with the current model. I am praying (and indeed seeing signs of ) slow change. If things slowly change then the shock to all can be managed can't it. We just can't let it be so slow that we miss the boat. I apprcaiet your love;y comments - Alison