Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Illustrated Feelings for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be gleaned by playing around with your unique response to what is on your personal bookshelf....

Pluck a favourite book from your library and read a precious paragraph or two.

Now sit back and close your eyes and try to pinpoint what it is you delight in about that text.

Name your preferences. Does it elicit a certain emotional response? Are you transported to novel lands? Is the result a yearning for a time past?

You could make a list of emotions that are sacred to you.

By naming the qualities you find in your best-loved books you simultaneously uncover your own personal attributes and traits.

Now - what would it take for you to roughly doodle or paint those words as illustrations?

Lavishing time on the nature of your loves in this way crystalizes your emotions and adds to the personal creative goldmine that is uniquely yours. Expressing emotions through art is a freedom we should value.

When you next create you will be primed with deep self-knowledge...then its up to you how you express that.

Give it a whirl and share your observations under this post...

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