Monday, 20 May 2019

Access Your Artistic Soul - Painting in a Series

Painting in a series is a little like planting seeds. You usually have to thin a few out tio keep just 1 good one! Repetition in art has many benefits to your learning curve.

For Issue 3 of The Pottering Artist which is out on 1st June I am getting a wiggle on and endeavouring to illustrate my last but one article.

I will be talking about my process in painting images for the folktale the Enormous Turnip but as usual I go off at a tangent part way through.

I veer off into old ladies and their headscarves and have an absorbing spell of sketching fetching folds and triangular shapes.

Some turn out well and others don't. My main concern is embarking on a process rich activity which gives me creative access to my artistic soul!
That's the way it goes sometimes but it all adds grist to our artist mill.

To read the full magazine check this link on 1st June and purchase a softcover magazine with sumptuous paper or download an e-book or print out your own PDF!


Here's a screenshot of me scribbling and drawing away using BookWright desktop publishing. The template interacts very easily!

From humble and raw sketches I brushed favourite colours and added features in places - all the time learning how those fabric folds go...

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