Sunday, 12 May 2019

Real Needs and False Needs

Most of us in "developed" countries have all of our basic needs met. What then is there to aim for or strive for once we have food, shelter, companionship? Nothing - you would think. But that's where the world of marketing and advertising ramp up their game and start creating new needs for us that we are tempted to meet.

Consumerism is built on a raft of false needs to drive the economy. An economy of largely excess and redundant needs all generated to satisfy our restless egos. Egos are manipulated by the media to crave more and novel things in infinite choices at a faster and faster rate.

The result is that we are railroaded by the need machine that is the media.

In the end it is hard to differentiate between what is a real need and a fictitious and contrived one. Very cleverly contrived mind you as these advertisers and marketers are super skilled in hooking into our ever restless ego.

Consider that even 60 years ago most people didn't have access to a TV and so we not brutalised on a minute by minute basis by the TV commercial screen that numbs all of us to our real requirements for life.

We are so used to this that we think it is normal to have a "bucket list" of events and things we want to have or experience. But at what cost? The planet is paying the price for this burgeoning greed of need. Step off the merry-go-round and be grateful for all you have in your world.

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