Friday, 17 May 2019

This Weekend in Your Sketchbook

Looking for things to draw?
Let's warm up our drawing hand by squiggling and doodling.
Our sketchbook project subject this weekend is:- 
Sprouting this week my tender seedlings are now unfolding their first true leaves on my allotment and I am hopeful. 
So far no slug has ravaged them!

Feel free to explore this bulbous vegetable with its flamboyant foliage in any way you like and indulge in creative drawing ideas for beginners. You can just do a line drawing of vegetables or branch out into paint!

Send me your finished works to and I will feature them on this blog.

Also - below is a brief description of how I painted a lovely cluster of beetroots in gouache using hot colours - play away with your own rendition of this humble veggie ...

If you enjoy vegetable imagery and want to get more creative snatch a copy of my magazine The Pottering Artist on 1st June.
Contents include drawing and painting turnips, carrots, beetroot and more. 
Our theme will be vegetables using pastel, and collage with ideas for exploring this rich subject.
Shop here on 1st June for ISSUE 3!

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