Hi - I'm Alison - Head Potterer

Hello - welcome to this pottering place - relax and browse around.
We will advance slowly, increasing awareness, developing perception, gathering art skills, deepening artistic vision and pottering along the way. 

Gentle Forays into Drawing, Painting and Life. 

Join me as I refill my creative well. 

For those who value stillness, silence and slowness as an antidote to activity, noise and speed.

Welcome to The Pottering Artist. Look inside its pages and you will find an open expose of the artistic process – warts and all. If you want to be reassured of the cyclical and even dual direction of the creative path then read on.

I encourage you to slow down, become silent and sink into your creative act as an end in itself. For all we have is the present moment. This magazine was born as a result of my curtailing my teaching programme in order to refill my depleted creative well. Join me as I do just that. It will be lovely to have you along. I hope my journey will enhance your own and give you heart to be more present in all that you do.

Shying away from the branded, fast mass and machine made world we will hold to an unknown, slow, individual and handmade realm with consciousness and joy as our drivers and the ego in the back seat or preferably in the boot.

I will share what means the most to me, from why gazing at the guileless back of my Jack Russell’s head melts my heart, to how the sight of an emerging, sensitive line of pencil across a page soothes my fretful mind and causes my shoulders to relax. Naming our creative preferences is more easy when we slow down. Noticing allows us to honour and in honouring we affirm that what we feel is valid and enough and worthy of expression. This is the path to gently bringing what is in us out.
For those of us who feel overcome at times by self doubt and fear that what we’d like to create has already been created by others – I’d say take heart from Deepak Chopra’s words “Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.” 

I created this magazine as I wanted to share my knowledge with you but mostly because I needed there to be somewhere to indulge my myriad loves, hunches, quirks and imaginings in the hope that you’ll find solace there too.

As an addition to the magazine the blog is a platform for further potterings, featuring know-how, material and equipment posts, invitations to create and philosophies to muse. It’s a doorway into the humble world of the pottering artist.


  1. I love what you say Alison, it really resonates with me. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your pottering path. It’s funny how we all connect. For example, you mentioned wabi sabi when you were writing about the badger you painted recently, and I was intrigued, never having heard of it. I went away and found out it is the Japanese art of leaving space and honouring imperfection, and then came across Marie Kondo and her decluttering movement. - all about honouring space and beauty. I immediately threw away the entire contents of my wardrobe!!!! And I felt so much better afterwards! Then I saw a programme on the beeb by Monty Don and he was talking about wabi sabi in gardening... very inspiring without being too challenging! So thanks, you set me off on a very rewarding path!

  2. Ha ha Diane - that made me hoot! Good for you. You know I like to declutter often as when I do a new surge of creativity always follows - it's magical. I will look up Marie Kondo and may I recommend Wabi Sabi by Beth Kempton? It really is a wise and sweet companion book and tells me all that I already instinctively feel. Yes - I think less is more - especially these days. Everyone is finding that excess and growth aren't always routes to greater happiness at all.

  3. Yes, please do recommend the book - it has really great reviews and touches people’s hearts... I have always needed to tidy my studio before I can start painting, especially if I’m trying to do something biggish, but the danger for me is that it turns into more of a tidying session than a painting session. Excuses, excuses! But somehow the Mari Kondo approach has cut through that. Not sure why, but her way of storing clothes folded and UPRIGHT in drawers was a key moment for me, as was saying ‘thank you’ to things before you throw them away! We all have too much stuff, but getting rid of it is an incredible wrench!

  4. Yes - I like to clear the decks as they say before I get going on something. That sounds like a changing habit you've started Diane. Whatever works I say. I have very little clothing and possessions. The house I had rented for 6 years was suddenly repossessed 2 years ago and so I had to suddenly jettison 2/3rds of my life and it was great! I gave most of it to charity and felt so much more unencumbered and organised and what I had I used and I had nothing that was brokenn etc. We have way too much stuff - when I go into any big store (rare) I feel despondent at the rails and racks of things - all going somewhere and mostly not needed. We have to stop consuming so much but that will take a major mindset shift. So I am doing my own small things quietly and just living simply and as close to the ground as possible. Gratitude for all we have every day is something I end each day with too.