How to Make a Sheet of Tracedown


You can watch my Youtube video on this by clicking here -

Or - read the instructions below.
1 Get a sheet of A4 tracing paper - about 40-60gsm is best as if it is 90gsm that is a bit thick to trace through.
2 Using a thick 9B graphite stick (such as one by Lyra) rub thickly all over the paper until it is all covered. This will be messy.
3 Using a flat cotton wool pad sprinkled with some lighter fluid burnish all over the black graphite. It will become shiny.
4 tape a bit of masking tape half on the front and half on the back of one edge of the paper for ease of picking it up so as not to get fingers dirty.
Ready to now use by placing graphite side down onto your watercolour or other paper and then placing the image you want to trace on top of it and tracing the image through with a fine biro pen.This will not smudge like outlines using Saral or shop bought Tracedown.
If you need to transfer an image to watercolour paper you can buy Saral or Tracedown online or in art shops.

However, both these will leave very smudgy lines and can be quite ugly if you want a clean crisp painting.

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